Guwahati- Mon Nagaland

On seeing Assam, Gandhiji said, This is a land of magnificient vegetation, of mighty river Brahmaputra, As Gujarat is in the west of India and to the south of the Vindhyas, Assam is in the extreme east and north of the country. It is the northeast corner of India.

Assam is indeed green and a visit during the monsoons was indeed lucky for me. On reaching Simaluguri, there was my brother-in-law’s(jiju) driver waiting there, since the previous night, to take me to Mon, about 100 km from here. My jiju is the District Magistrate of Mon, which was the reason that I was visiting this remote but pristine place. My way to Nagaland was through a narrow road, and it took me three hours to reach, without getting sick, which was an achievement, as the road has steep curves, bends and bumps. All the way, I was talking to the driver, chatting carelessly. I knew that this region was the site of a bloody insurgency few years back, with frequent ambush on government vehicles. Now, Nagaland is at peace, and there is continuous dialogue going on with the insurgents.

There were few tea gardens on the way, and bridges made of wood, over which even trucks passed. After 3 hours, we drove into the DM’s residense, where my sister welcomed me. I was happy, and ready to hit the bed. After a refreshing bath, had lunch.

Mon is a beautiful town, with a population of 25000. It is a district headquarter, but the remotest district of Nagalad, on Arunachal border. There is just one road to reach here, from which i came. One bus comes here early morning, from Sonari. There are few other buses, but this is the most suitable route. Accomodation is available at ADC guest House, on request beforehand. Mon is hardly visited by Tourists, and is among the few places which lie untouched from the tourism point, still pristine and calm.

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