Guwahati to Patna

My ride back to Patna was via a different route- The Goalpara- Alipurduar- Hasimara- Siliguri line. As I discovered, this was a beautiful route, near the Bhutan border, crossing through wildlife sancturies, and dense forests, with many rivulets, and major rivers like the Mahananda and Teesta. For this particular part of the journey, I could just gaze out of the window, feeling the beauty that I could see, taking pictures and feeling lucky. Beautiful hill streams descended down, it was the monsoons and I was just thinking that the enxt time I come here, I would go further up these streams, to the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan.

The train reached New Jalpaiguri via Siliguri, and proceeded towards Patna. I chatted with a young boy from Katihar, and when he knew I was a doctor, he told about himself, he was an intelligent guy, a sincere one too. Was appearing for various exams for paramilitary forces, bank clerk etc, but everywhere, there are few posts, and lakhs of applicants. There are many like him, who deserve much better, but the country fails to harness their potential. On the other hand, the crowd in the cities has never got the opportunity to face these circumstances. There are few opportunities in the states of Bihar and eastern UP, and the huge population, which can be a big asset, has nothing to do, nowhere to go. Grossly under employed, grossly dis-satisfied. Still, putting a brave face and fighting the competition.

The train reached Patna early morning, and my friend’s brother came to receive me.

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