The city of Guwahati and Farewell to the North East

In these 10 days, I had been to few remote places in India, and by sheer luck, I managed to find people who took care of me. This was to continue, as my father’s best friend was posted as a colonel in Rangiya, near Guwahati. He sent for 2 jeeps to fetch me, 2 because of the insurgency reason. On our way, we went to the famed Kamakhya temple, which is among the Shaktipeeths- places where parts of body of Sati- the wife of Lord Shiva fell, after she died and was cut into pieces by Vishnu, in order to save the creation from Shiva’s anger- this is the story. At the hillock of Nilanchal-Kamakhya, fell the yoni or vagina of Sati, and this is the main site of Tantricism in Hinduism. Surprisingly, there was little crowd at the temple, and we managed to have a quick darshan. On returning, we crossed the Brahmaputra, through the road and rail bridge. Crossing this river is always a humbling experience, it is mighty, still calm. On the right side, I saw IIT Guwahati, again a pleasant surprise. In half hour, I reached Rangiya, and then, had a chat with my uncle, went for a stroll and played Badminton with him.

Though there were many other places that I wanted to see in Guwahati, specially the Umananda temple, but time was the limiting factor.

The next day, my train was to depart at 5 am from Kamakhya station. Reaching there was to be an ordeal for anyone who would drop me, but, We managed to reach in time, and then, I boarded the train for my next destination – The city of Patna.

Before concluding this, I would say that this was the end of my North East Journey, and now I was returning to the mainland. I should not say this, as the north east is an integral part of the nation, but here, a few things need mention.

Before coming here, I had apprehensions about the place, about the disturbances. On going there, i realised that my fears were ill founded. For a common man, it was as safe as any other place in India. (barring Manipur, about which I have no idea). Another thing- The people of these states are much more developed than average Indians, what they lack is good infrastructure, employment opportunities and better higher education. Lack of Infrastructure and connectivity are the biggest areas needing attention. Also, more people should visit these places, for their own reasons. This region has unexplored beauty, and tourism can be the crucial catalyst to drive the wheel of change for better.

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