The Lucky Ones

I stand all alone, As I face the storm.
The hurling winds, want to take me along.

I hold hard and I hold tight.

Putting my strength together, with all my might.

The winds are too strong, my world falling apart.

Can’t keep my eyes open, fear grips my heart.

With arms clinging to a tree, I pray for it to end.

Oh Lord! such devastation, how could you send?

I don’t really know, if I wish to survive.

My brain stops working, the body being alive.

I look to only one thing, keeping my feet anchored.

And suddenly its calm, no more rumbling heard.

I take a deep breath, and squat on the ground.

‘What was all this?’ I hear my sound.

As I clean my eyes, and look all around.

The place is empty, no signs of life found.

‘Why just me, Why did I survive?’

It’d be better probably, If I too die.

I feel helpless, too tired to try.

As I retreat into slumber, I hear a cry.

I wake up startled and rush to the voice.

Amidst the rumble, on a baby boy I stumble.

Clinging to his mother, who has no signs of life.

As I collect the baby, tears betray my eyes.

I now have company, and a new purpose found.

In search of food, I look all around,

Wherein a broken refrigerator, some milk is found.

With this Gift from the God, I rest on the ground.

He who gave hunger, would also give food,

This secret of life, I thoroughly understood.

We saw each other, As THE ONE ABOVE smiled.

When his hunger was quenched, sleep dawned on the child.

Knowing nothing what had happened, he could sleep in peace.

Ignorance is a bliss, it keeps away all grief.

As I kept mum, thoughts raced through my mind.

Among two of us, many similarities I did find.

We shared a bond, both of us DID survive.

By the grace of almighty, we two WERE still alive.

To stay in his creation, for some more time.

To write the poem of life, with a new found rhyme.

Life is priceless, but very unsure.

Can’t predict the next second, but we plan encore.

When I now pray, its gratitude that comes.

Cannot shrug-off my responsibilities, of being among- The Lucky Ones.

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