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Why not Karnatakku?

Recently, I had a chat from a friend from Bijapur, and the talk diverted to issues related to his state. It started from the mining issue, then veering to the fall of BSY and culminated to an interesting topic about change in names of the towns of his state. I said, I was trying to find Gulbarga on the map of Karnataka, but could not figure it out, until I realised that its name has been changed to Kalburgi. He said, ‘What?’ I said, You must know it, its in your state. I showed him the atlas, and both of us were amused to find that his hometown was no more Bijapur, but now Vijapura.

Coming to the point- How justified it is to change the name of a city, a state or a nation, leaving all the history and culture that the original or preceding name carried?

Also, bringing such a change is possible by a simple majority in the state legislature, making it as simple as passing a bill, even simpler. Not just districts, but even tehsils of Karnataka were given new names,

It has been resorted to in all the nooks and corners of our country- From Bombay, to Chennai to Kolkata to Gautam Buddha Nagar to Bengalooru and taking us back to Poscheembonga. RIDICULOUS.

Also, force was used by political elements for use of Mumbai and not Bombay, resulting that Bombay still exists in the hearts of people who saw it as Bombay; but Madras slowly passed into oblivion. Conclusion- Nobody can force me to call a city by a newly enforced name, if I do not identify or relate myself with the same. And Kalburgi or Mysooru or Tumkuru or Vijapura will not replace the original names, not at all if they are enforced.

This is also creating divide between the two classes, between Bombay and Mumbai, between a Bombayite and Mumbaikar, between Calcutta and Kolkata and so forth.

Jai Hind.