This blog is not confined to a single issue or subject or ideology or field. It is a reflection of the things that happen around us, from the simplest ones to the most unusual occurrences. Anything and Everything.

The reason that I did not confine myself to a particular thing is that mind has a free flow of thoughts, and this blog is an expression of what happens if the flow goes on, unhindered, uninterrupted. The aim is not give an expert view on anything, as I am not running a crusade here or claiming to be a guru; but to share with everybody what a common man feels about certain things, and importantly, to know what I myself think about the topic, as on encountering the reality of pen and paper (or here, the keyboard), vivid thoughts take shape, and a clarity is achieved.

Some issues are indeed debatable, and I have put what I understood. Some are trivialities, and some are the ones which need our attention.

You decide your pic.

Happy Reading!

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