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What do we think of girls?

I had a recent conversation with my friend, whose sister is doing BTech- Computer Engineering. I told him, ‘its a good field, good career ahead for her.’ He replied, ‘the degree is just to get her a good bridegroom. We won’t let her work’

I was stupefied. Literally.

What was added to his reply made me more confused, ‘girls need to be protected.. IT field is not good for girls.. It is against our culture, as girls in IT field have boyfriends, they drink, they smoke…’

My questions to all those who think in this manner:

1) Is your sister or daughter or wife not an individual?

2) Just because she is a girl means you have a right over her. Is it so?

3) Do you have no trust in your upbringing?

4) Do you actually love your sister/ daughter?

Every person, after a certain age, understands what is good or bad for them, and even if they don’t, by what means do we get the right to determine what they choose to wear, where to work or whom to marry? I understand that in India, marriages are not between individuals, but between 2 families. And many girls do sacrifice their aspirations and wishes for keeping their parents happy, or for the sake of family honour. Those who don’t, face the wrath of the society, some loose their lives, exemplifying themselves as victims of honor killing and terryfying those who intend to follow their path.

What makes me sad is that this mentality exists all across the country, more among the elite, who call themselves traditional. In traditional Indian society, women had a right to learn, teach and work. Do I need to give examples?

Also, for India to move ahead, there has to be equal participation of women economically, socially and politically. Kerala is a shining example. The state has more population density than Bangladesh, its per-capita income is less than the average per-capita income of India. Still, only due to literacy, women empowerment and social awareness, the state boasts of being the best in Human Development Indicators.

I dare to say that it is an extension of these views that ultimately leads to female foeticide, because until and unless girls are treated as equals…

Moreover, as individuals, in today’s world, we have the opportunity to think and speek freely. What is the justification of clipping anyone’s wings and preventing them from flying in the open sky, just because they have a chance to get shot down? Let girls choose what they want. Lack of freedom begets rebellion, the consequences of which are harsh for everyone.

Other part of the tale is that it is the male sex that has to raise the voice, and the tussle(if I may call it that way) is between men who believe this way and men who don’t. Guys, think and ask yourselves, how can you have separate standards for your loving sister, only because she is a girl? Let her live her life her way, you’ll be happier. Trust me, trust her and trust yourself.

Hope someone’s listening.