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The Pune Diaries- Eating out in Pune

My stay in Pune/ Poona/ Punyanagari was the best time in my life, as i finished my college from here, and no exagerration, but Pune is indeed the best city in India to attend college, aptly called- Oxford of the East.

Now that I look back, I am tempted to share my experiences, so that the discoveries that I made as an avid explorer can reach my adorable readers. This post is on the food in Pune.

The choice of food depends on what you want to have, as we can’t compare authentic maharashtrian and authentic thai food. These are the places as per my own experience, and they won’t disappoint. They are all easy on pocket, as I was there as a student.

Best Punjabi food – Veg- Horn-ok-please- FC Road. positive- amazing taste. speciality- paneer chatpata. negatives- poor service.

Best Maharashtrian– Hmmm. Mathura on FC Road takes this prize.

Best Chinese- China Gate- JM Road- Best food in Pune, seriously. very authentic, still very tasty. i had given up non veg for 3 yrs, but couldnt resist it here.

Best place to have a cup of coffee– Mocha- Koregaon Park- though on the higher side of budget. Also- Level 9 cafe- ICC Tower, Senapati Bapat Road- Good place to take your girlfriend, you’ll love the view.

Best place for a cup of Tea with Bun-maska- Wohuman’s cafe- Outside Jehangir Hospital. Must haves- Chai with bun-maska and cheese omlette. Not for the calorie conscious. loads of cheese.
Best value for money- Coffee stop- off ganeshkhind road, modern colony, near jain hostel. You can eat everything from Pizza to Momos to Pav bhaji. This is Also THE BEST STREET FOOD JOINT IN PUNE.

Cold coffee– budget -10-15rs, amazing- Durga- MIT,kothrud, Coffee stop, Richie rich- Bharati Vidyapeeth.

Chaat-Pastures on MG Road is good, so is Manmeet- DP road, Bikaner misthan bhandar- MG Road. But Pune is not the best place to have chaat.

Vada Pav Best- Garden Vada pav- Off MG Road. Ask for extra chutney.

Misal Paav best- It is a small place near KEM hospital, but i can’t recall the name.

Best thali- Sahare Dining Hall, Near GPO/ Nucleus mall. People flock to Sukanta or Mayur thali or durvankur but to be true, Sahare serves the best thali. It has no artificial colours or flavour , which sukanta puts a lot in its food.

Best Non-veg– Blue nile (near Nucleus Mall) is good, and the rest of the gud ones are inside camp, difficult to find. Also visit Hydrabad Biryani at Kothrud road for a dum biryani.

Best sweet shop– Chitale for the Punekars. For an outsider, amba barfi at chitale, also pedas. Kaka Halwai near Dagdu sheth, Karachi sweet serves a halwa but it appeals only to few tastebuds. Dry fruit barfi at bikaner misthan, MG Road.
Best South Indian- Vaishali. next- Wadeshwar- for its chilly cheese dosa, appe, cothimbir wada and many specialities.

Ice Cream Speciality- naturals is everywhere these days, but yes, the ice-cream tastes good. Shiv-Kailash near Pune station serves good Kulfi, with basundi or falooda, and if you happen to dine anywhere near, this is a good place to have a kulfi post dinner, but there are few seats, so stay inside your vehicle.

Best place for a dinner with drinks- Garwa, on the way to Bopdev ghat. Amazing view from Bopdev Ghat, the best near the city. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.
Takeaways from Pune-
1) Shrewsberry buiscuits- Kayani Bakery. This alone will suffice.

10 places where I would like to dine in Pune-

1- China Gate, JM Road
2- Vaishali- FC Road
3- Sahare dining hall- if i wanna have ghar jaisa khana, or am very hungry. Thali.
4- Chokhi Dhani- for an outing- have as many starters- Gud-baajre ki roti, kachori , chaat etc as the main course disappoints.
5- Horn Ok Please- Punjaabi.
6- Coffee stop.
7- Blue Nile
8- Sampann- opp. west end cinema, for all the variety in food that it offers.
9- Burger king- east street. for the budget meal.
10- Garwa- on the way to bopdev ghat. amazing place, for a group to have fun, and then a trip to lonely banyan tree over the ghat.

Here I take a bow and hope this helps you, cheers.

My Maggi Recipe

Maggi comes handy when hunger strikes, also a source of time pass to accompany during the nights when I pretend to study. But when one has the liberty of staying at home, with everything which can be added to make the food better, I can’t resist the attempt to try my hand on Maggi, and here is the progress so far.

Maggi- Desi style:

What You need– Maggi-double pack, 2tsp oil, jeera, vegetables(here you can improvise- Tomatoes, onion, finely cut potatoes, cabbage, capsicum, peas, sweet corn, baby corn and all those fancy things…)

How to make it

Take a pan, put oil, heat for 30 sec, add 1/4tsp jeera(cumin seeds)

add onions, heat till they turn golden, add other vegetables and stir for a min.

add some salt, garam masala(just a pinch), red chilli powder- to taste- don’t put lots of it warna mujhe gaali doge.

Now comes the tricky part. Now, add 4 cups of water (once I dared to experiment, and added buttermilk(chhach) and believe me, the taste was not bad at all).

Add maggi and the tastemaker that comes with it.

Cook on medium flame for 2 min.

Serve hot after garnishing with… whatever you like.