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The Pessimism in Indian Press

I feel sad while writing this, but reading today’s Times of India has left me disgusted.

I saw the front page, and all that it had was bad news, worse reporting. There was not a single positive news on the front page; is this the present condition of our country?

My answer is – NO. India is a growing nation, with lots of good work being done at various pockets of the country, which is seldom reported. The newspaper- TOI Jaipur Edition- Page 1- today says, “VIPs get quick glimpse of Sai Baba while devotees wait for hours.” On a day where genuine condolence is expected from the media, it still takes every opportunity to sensationalise the news, even if it relates to the death of a spiritual guru. The other headlines say- CBI arrests former games chief Kalmadi, CBI names Kannimozhi as accused in 2G case; Killink triggers protests in North East; SC questions CBI over Aarushi U turn; ‘WB worst governed state’; Body found in bag in Mumbai; Train bogie derails in Bihar; 39 die in Congo vessel capsize; Man attempts to highjack flight; 3 held for raping student for months; now army wants its own empowered Police Force.

The news that particularly disturbed me was – “VIPs get quick glimpse of Sai Baba while devotees wait for hours.” Was there no other sentence in the mind of Editors, like- Nation mourns the passing away of Sathya Sai Baba.

Times of India is the most widely circulated English newspaper in India. If it shows such immaturity in reporting news, what example is it setting, and where do they aim to take the national opinion. Such pessimistic approach, that too at the beginning of the day, is unfortunate, to say the least.

The story is more or less same with all newspapers, and this phenomenon has been noticed before, but what have we done. I request you to write to the editors of news-papers if you feel the same; at the end of the day, it comes to demand- supply. They supply what we demand.