Till Now

Blogging is a beautiful hobby. It has given an impetus to creatively put your thoughts in front of the world- A diverse audience, as well and actually realise what you think.

My experience with blogging turned half an year recently, and now it seems to be appropriate what I felt being here all this while.

Blogging is addictive- I realise, but Also deny that I am addicted, the reality is still a mystery. I confess that I view my stats a lot, but manage to stay detached for spells spanning weeks.

Blogging is fun- Yes, it is. Also, when I started writing, choosing this title- ‘Anything and Everything’ helped me a lot. The blog has lived up to the title, I believe. In the coming times, I plan to make this more aggressive- meaning increasing the number of posts and improving on the content. Stats matter, but after a while, they fade away, to give way to other priorities. They are an add-on, like the cherry on the cake, but nit the cake. Also, I will try to keep this blog free from news like stuff, and put things which are a part of our everyday lives. I have learned a lot during my stay here on wordpress, and I thank them for that.

Do send me your comments or suggestions if you had a pleasant experience here.

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Ashish on March 31, 2015 at 12:51 pm

    Awesome Material Journey description.
    Inspirational and mobile thoroughly. Thanks for writing.

    Ashish Tyagi


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