Padmanabhaswamy Ananthashayanam

Long long back,
You and me were the same.
He came, and said something to you,
You liked it, followed him.
The other day,
hey, there came another man,
who made a revelation,
I followed him.
We stayed together,
as neighbours, friends, as one.
And so did our children,
and their children.
And their progeny.
Till now, he was sleeping.
One day, he turned in sleep, and smiled,
and he was sleeping on a treasure.
our children, and their cousins looked at each other.
And ran, pushing each other.
Fighting… But it was a trick.
As they were about to spread out their hands,
The Lord smiled, still asleep, and turned again,
Covering the treasure.
Poor children, looked at each other.
And the Lord is still smiling in his sleep,
and so he is- Padmanabhaswamy Ananthashayanam.

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